Morning Walk

Wet dog in the city

Its the morning on a work day, Monday morning to be more exact. Since, Sticks joined us our morning walks have shifted up by about an hour which has actually done us all good because we now have more time in the morning with each other before we break off for work.

This particular morning it was just the dogs and I. Besides the random bursts of wind that could blow Minka over, it has been a beautiful morning, everything is so green since it rained pretty much all weekend on and off.

Our walk is going well, since its earlier the three of us pretty much have the park to ourselves. After a nice stroll around the top section of the park, we dropped down to the middle level for some much needed fetch! Sticks time to shine and Minka’s time to scrounge.

The ball is thrown and Sticks races after the ball and snags it as he jumps up into the air! He does a victory lap like a humble tight end, he then trouts back with a big smile on his face – ready for a repeat. Minka catches on and wants to get in on the action. As the ball is thrown she too gets in on the chase, but instead of chasing the ball, she chases Sticks and bears down with an attempt to play with him, he doesn’t get in on it because his focus is solely on the ball. This particular exchange can go on for hours if we allowed it.

Minka has grown bored and goes back to foraging and finds a nice spot with what I assume to be a good smell because she is belly up rolling all over a particular spot of grass. SIDENOTE: This is the cutest thing, I know the likely hood of her being smelly is high, but I can’t stop it because she looks so cute rolling on her back

Anyways, I digress, Sticks catches site of Minka and wants to get in on the action. He too flops over and starts rolling around in the smell too. Minka, however decides to get up and then begins to run circles at lighting speed around Sticks while he is rolling in it! After about ten laps she then decides to plop back down and roll again.

After a good while of this fun, I get the ball and throw some more for Sticks and Minka chases after him. Sticks starts to slow down with the fetching and Minka is sticking closer to me, clues they are both tired and ready to head in. So I think just a few more throws and then we will head in. And then the inevitable happens… Its something that every dog owners who has limited morning time desperatelyΒ tries to avoid especially after it rains…. THE PUDDLE.

As the ball left my hand I knew, I knew this was the one, this was the one Sticks would find the puddle and boy was I right. He makes a decent attempt to chase the ball, snags it and then heads right over to the next best thing. THE PUDDLE.Β 

And Sticks doesn’t just step in the puddle, he gets all in it. Rolls around a few times and then he sits in it with a big smile on his face. It can be a little annoying to have your dog get dirty, but honestly you can’t help but laugh and smile because they just looks so happy in there. Sticks, then stands up shakes and trouts back over like nothing happened.

The dog had to enjoy being muddy, so we had a few throws and then it was off to get clean!

To get clean we go to the dog run. The dog run in this particular part of the park is so great because it provides hoses and a wash basin to clean your dog. Since Sticks has arrived we have gotten to know this place very well. Once in the dog run, Sticks seems aware of what is to come as he stands just close enough to not be held. After a few persistent calls of, “Here Sticks” “Come here boy” “I know its cold but the sooner this is done the sooner you’ll be warm”. He gives in.

Bath time

One dog down one to go.

Back home its Minka’s turn…. Into the sink she goes! Pro Tip: Wash your little pup in the sink. Minka likes it a lot better in than the shower, we think its because the noise isn’t as loud.

Happy Walking!


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  • Austin Cox
    May 15, 2017 at 10:19 pm

    Sticks in the big city wooo!!!

    • Lauren
      May 17, 2017 at 12:46 pm

      He is getting into it!

  • Kelly
    May 15, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    The trick is to try and figure out the last time to throw the ball before he gets too warm and seeks a water cool down! Fun story😊

    • Lauren
      May 17, 2017 at 12:45 pm

      Thanks Kelly for the tip! Sticks got hot last night also and found a puddle that was about as deep as a small baby pool.