Morning Walk

Walks With My Dogs

We all have our own way of doing it.
No one can say its the right way or the wrong.
Because its our way.
Its between you and your dog.
The morning lickers who wake you up before the alarm.
Or the loungers that you have to get up.
Either way once you get on your shoes, they know.
They know its our time.
Our time to wander
And they don’t know for how long but no matter what its going to be an adventure.
Its time to go for a walk and stop every five feet to smell.
Its time to let it loss in the park and play some fetch.
Its time to go for run and feel the morning air.
No matter what your style its yours.
Some of us walk fast.
Some of us walk slow.
Some of us walk in packs.
Some of us walk solo.
Some of us have a whistle that gets our dog and five others.
Some of us are new to dog walks.
​Some of us are old timers.
But it doesn’t matter.
Because there’s that moment on every walk, where your eyes met and everything is at peace.

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