Morning Walk

The More We Walk the More We See

The more we walk the more we see. If you take the same walk, you are no longer someone who passes by. You are a part of the scenery. People look out for you and you pup and you look out for them. When you don’t see them, you wonder about them, give them a moment and then the thought of them passes.

We have been missing someone on our walk, it is a kind lady and her three legged dog. We generally bump into them a few times a week in the park. Have a pleasant chat and then go on our way. Its a funny thing, how these chats evolve from pleasantries to somethings that you look forward too.

We haven’t seen the kind lady and her three legged dog for about a month now. Yes, it is summer so they are probably on vacation, but we do hope they are well. Do you think these people you find yourself bumping into on our walks know how we cherish these moments? How they have somehow worked themselves into the framework of your walks? I’m not sure. Selfishly, I wonder if my crew and I are a part of anyway’s daily walk schedule?


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