Morning Walk

Off Leash Hours

We live by one of the greatest parks in the world, because from 6 am to 9 am its a magical hour called, “no leash hours” where dogs run the park. TRUST ME, THEY MEAN IT.
Besides our occasional run in with the police, we love this park! Especially from 6 am to 9 am. Where we have changed the name from the park to the dog park because dogs run it!
You might be wondering, what is so amazing about this park? I’ve been to a lot of dog parks or I live in the country we have this right out our backyard. Both of those are valid points, which is what makes this particular park so unique. Its in Manhattan and for animals who need to run around, get dirty and play with other dogs, this park is their outlet. It allows dogs be dogs in a place where they generally have to wear leashes for about 95% of time.
So we take full advantage of this park!
In this park you’ll see dogs exploring running this way and that, at times not knowing who belongs to who. Which may seem chaotic but not at all.  You’ll see dogs sniffing each other, dogs marking their spots, dogs playing with each other and then continue on with their walk, its absolutely a dog lovers paradise! These dogs are FREE and off leash where they make the rules. And I must say after walking this park for about a year now, we haven’t witnessed much aggressive behaviour that threatens other dogs off leash. Which is pretty cool.
Minka is a pretty clever dog, not only does she run the roust but she runs our dog walks. Shes able to assess a situation and identify the best way she can get food. During our off leash hour walks, Minka keeps her eye one step ahead and identifies the dogs who are paying a little too much attention to their owners. Minka picks up on this and V lines it to them. Here is when you’ll see Minka sitting pretty and acting engaged next to the dog person with the end goal to get a treat.
Minka is a clever dog not only does she run the roost at home but she runs our dog walks.
Take for instance this morning there is a dog and their person walking about 100 yards in front of us and they are playing fetch. The dog is obviously giving their person a lot of attention. Minka picks up on this and v lines it for them. Sits pretty next to the dog person with the end goal to get a treat. Granted that person didn’t have treated but this tactic has worked before for her. I also love this technique of hers because it gives me the opportunity to say “hi” and meet somebody new!
Minka and I have stopped using treats on the regular. We will incorporate them in when we are working on a new trick but generally Minka doesn’t get treats unless… Do you count the left overs?
Anyways, thanks Minka who took me on yet another amazing walk to start the week off right!

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