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Guide on How to Cut a Pomeranian’s Hair

For all you Pomeranian owners out there you know the truth behind grooming your Pomeranian’s hair. On the outside the Pomeranian’s hair may seem flawless and puffy but underneath it can be another story making it intimidating to take on the challenge of grooming the Pom yourself. This post is a step by step guide on how to give your Pomeranian a summer cut!

We have ran into our fair share of groomers, good and bad. In Coeur d’ Alene, ID we take Minka to Stars. They do a wonderful job, charge a fair price, but most importantly Minka leaves happy and comes home happy. When we moved to NYC, I was excited to find a groomer. However, the price for the hair cut quickly rose to $100 or more. After one long subway ride and a disappointing and expensive hair cut later (when I picked Minka up from the groomer, her hair was cut so short she was unrecognizable) we decided to take the grooming into our own hands!

Needless to say we take pretty good care of Minka from a grooming perspective. We do our best to brush her and keep her hair trim. However, this didn’t happen over night. We read a load of articles, asked questions and watched YoutTube videos and we think we cracked the code on how to cut Minka’s hair taking her from a winter cut to a summer cut!



Welcome to Minka’s Spa Day

Step 1 – Optional – Get Dirty

Get the Pom good and dirty. We like to encourage a good run through the mud because she is going to need to be washed, so why not!

Step 2 – Wash

Bath time! We shampoo and condition. The sink is the best spot for Minka!

Step 3 – Dry Off

We like to give her some alone time because the next hour or so will be pretty intense. You can tell by the look on her face she knows what is coming.

Step 4 – Prep

While the Pom is drying its time to set up your work station. We have found the following tools work best for Minka! That’s a ten blade for those who are wondering.

Step 5 – Brush

Brushing will help ensure a consistent length cut and also gives a chance to find the knots deep within their undercoat. For nasty knots don’t be afraid to carefully cut them out with scissors. We go easy here as Minka is not a fan of brushing. 

Step 6 – Blow Dry & Comb

Incorporate the blow drying with the brushing. We turn the blow dryer on low to cool heat and only use it for about a minute on and a minute off.

Step 7 – Evaluate

Once the Pom seems dry take a good look at them and find the areas that need to be trimmed.

Step 8 – Cut

Use the sheers for the chest, back and sides and then use the beard trimmer for the butt, feet, legs, stomach and chest shaping. Use the beard trimmer also to shape the Pom’s hair. We stay on the surface and don’t get into Minka’s undercoat unless there is a bad knot. This particular hair cut we wanted to give Minka a shorter cut as it is summer in NYC so we used a number ten comb. This took about one to two inches off, leaving her with about one to two inches left of top coat. You might notice Minka has a little smile, that is because she LOVES when Dylan is trimming her! They have a special thing going on.

Step 9 – Go for a Walk

This gives you and the Pom a chance to get some good energy out and check out other areas you’d might want to trim back.

Step 10 – Have Fun

At first it might be intimidating to cut your Pomeranian’s hair. We have found the prep process of washing and a good brush helps because you can see more of what your working with. We have found four hands are better than two and keeping to their top coat and going slow is better than diving right in (you can always take more off)!

Now Minka is ready for summer!

Happy Trails