Morning Walk

Go Green

We aren’t sure if its because the weather has gotten better but we have noticed two things on our walks:
1. There are more people out and about – This is awesome
2. Trash – This is not awesome

Our past few walks within the park we have found literal piles of trash

Our goal for this week is to pick up all the trash we come across on our walks. Throughout the week we will share our findings which probably wont be as good as the treasures we found in the Curb Alert Post but hey what can you do?

We believe its our time to do our part and if we are going to walk past it we might as well pick it up and leave this place better than we found it.

If you feel compelled to participate and pick up trash on your walks or if you and your four legged friend have other ways that you give back to the Earth please share with us #wwmdgogreen

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