Morning Walk

Curb Alert

We never know what our walks in NYC will bring. That’s the amazing thing about NYC, you can walk the same path every day but somehow the City brings something new to that path every day. For us that something is treasure.
Remember the age old saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? If you walk NYC streets at the end or beginning of each month you’ll see what I mean. People who are moving out will leave their unwanted furniture on the sidewalk, for people and dogs like Minka, Dylan and I to walk by, exam and make the decision to the age old question, “Should we keep it?”
​Some of it is JUNK, most likely contaminated past the point of no return, however every blue moon you’ll come across a treasure. For everyone who hasn’t had the pleasure to walk the NYC streets at the end of beginning of the month, just scan the free section of Craigslist list you’ll catch my drift.

Within in our little apartment we have TEN treasures!

Found Treasure on NYC Street

  1. 7 ft by 5 ft painting
  2. Two dining chairs
  3. One bench
  4. A high top working desk
  5. Two high top chairs
  6. Shelf
  7. Bookshelf
  8. Side table
  9. Coffee table
  10. Two side tables (not in use, being refurbished)
The amazing thing about each of these items is that we really need each of them. We would go out shopping and search for the items, then come back home and search Craigslist or other thrift shops. We would wait a few weeks or maybe even months and then we are out on a walk with Minka and BOOM! CURB ALERT the item is sitting there in near perfect condition.
​The last two items on the list the coffee table and the two side tables are pretty special to us, because we did something a little different, these items needed to be refurbished, so we decided to create a little DIY project out of it!

Bonjour I’m Minka’s aunt

Remember my sister who came to visit a few weeks back? All of these items were found on walks with her!
​​One morning, Minka, my sister and I were out for our daily early am walk when out of the corner of my eye these two hideous green but fabulously designed side tables caught my eye.

I knew these bad boys were going to be swept up in a heartbeat and actually they were! Apparently I was the third owner of these treasures. Turns out, the original owner put them outside for treasure seekers and someone on our block picked them up, brought them back to their place, the side tables didn’t work for them, so they brought them back outside for another treasure seeker to find!
​The second treasure found was a coffee table. The poor thing was sitting up on its edge, in a vulnerable position to get structurally ruined. We paused, examined the piece, besides the top veneer which was coated in a harsh oily black paint, the rest of the piece was in pretty good condition. So like all true treasure hunters we took it home.
Wish we had a before photo of the coffee table! So you’ll have to use your imagination.
​This past weekend we took on the project of the coffee table.
​After thorough investigation we found the piece online. Dylan’s Dad is a craftsman who has begun to make fish nets that have beautiful wooden framework, he gave us some best practice tips on how to get this baby back to its original form!

Due to the oil nature of the paint the following process was taken:

  1. Strip
  2. Sand
  3. Light Stain
  4. Light sand
  5. Light Stain

Dylan Stripping the Paint

We decided to take this project outside for a few reasons because first and foremost the stripper has a pretty toxic smell and we didn’t want to harm Minka with the chemicals and two it was a beautiful day outside!

​So the three of us and our treasures wandered outside, where Dylan stripped, Minka helped and watch over the street and I sanded the two side tables. (These are still a work in progress)

The table turned out beautifully, now the question is, should we sell it or keep it? I wonder what Minka thinks? After-all she is the biggest treasure finder of them all!

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