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Morning Walk

  • Morning Walk

    Go Green

    We aren’t sure if its because the weather has gotten better but we have noticed two things on our walks: 1. There are more people out and about – This is…

  • Morning Walk

    Wet dog in the city

    Its the morning on a work day, Monday morning to be more exact. Since, Sticks joined us our morning walks have shifted up by about an hour which has actually done…

  • Morning Walk

    Curb Alert

    We never know what our walks in NYC will bring. That’s the amazing thing about NYC, you can walk the same path every day but somehow the City brings something new…

  • Morning Walk

    Off Leash Hours

    We live by one of the greatest parks in the world, because from 6 am to 9 am its a magical hour called, "no leash hours" where dogs run the park.…

  • Morning Walk

    Walks With My Dogs

    We all have our own way of doing it. No one can say its the right way or the wrong. Because its our way.…