About Us

Welcome to our About us page! We are a family of four who love to go on walks! There is Minka the Pomeranian, Sticks the Aussie, and their two humans.

We are from the Inland Northwest, for a few years we enjoyed the city life and lived in NYC. Safe to say Minka fit in beautifully and actually so did Sticks since there are parks all over the place!

2018 has been a big year for us because we moved back to the beautiful Inland Northwest!  So long NYC and hello INW. We are more than happy to be living back here because there is so much right out our back door that we can’t wait to explore.

If you end up following our family of four you will find us taking a lot of walks and exploring this new place we call home. There is so much beauty here within the Inland Northwest and we want to explore everything that is right out our back door!

Happy Tails