Dog Venture

The Furry Friend in All of Us

HAPPY NATIONAL PET DAY! I write this following the April 11th celebration where animal lovers around the world fawned over their beloved animals with extra walks, extra dog licks, extra treats and extra Snapchat and Instagram posts.
This day was particularly special for Minka and I because we got to share it with my sister who is visiting. After getting approval for taking the day off, my sister, Minka and I set off to explore NYC! Yes Minka came and it was hot out but she LOVED it! ​
Our venture started off with a classic subway ride down to Greenwich Village, where we were serenaded by a trio of guys who sang old school love ballads. We then found ourselves at Grace Church, where we watched a beautiful pianist play a few songs from the great composers at – six days a week at Noon to One, Grace Church has a mediation hour.
We then walked the streets of Greenwich Village and stumbled into some dog friendly shops. One in particular was a florist called Fleurs Bella – on 11th st. between University and 5th – where a dog named Tilda greeted us at the door and the owner of this charming florist welcomed Minka with open arms and began to play with her and give her treats. MINKA WAS IN HEAVEN. The whole shop stopped and loved on Minka. If I ever need floral arrangements I’ll go back to this place due to the kindness they showed MInka and their unique use of wood. The amazing thing with animals is that it breaks a barrier that we as humans tend to have, when a dog or animal is in the mix it turns strangers into friends. Animals and our love for them is a common thread that many of us share.
Thank you Minka for being my best friend and introducing me to so many people!

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